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March 5, 2016

Bourbon House 45 - Warren, OH

November 1, 2015


Funny thing about restaurants in the Mahoning Valley, many start out trying to bring something new to the food scene, but a year later they are all serving wedding soup and veal parm.  People here like what they like.  So when I read about Bourbon House 45 opening in Warren last year specializing in southern cuisine...let’s just say I was a tad skeptical.  Do they have veal parm south of the Mason Dixon line?   

It doesn’t help when you walk into the place it is like stepping back in a time warp. For those of us aged 60 and over…remember those early English/Spanish themed restaurants with the heavy furniture, ceiling beams and meandering rooms?  The building used to be a Girves Brown Derby. Located just south of Packard Music Hall it was a favorite haunt for the Kenley Players set.  It has faux stone walls, big beams, and a carved king on the men’s room door, large waiting areas and living room, several dining rooms. That’s this place.  It’s déjà vu all over again.  It creeped me out. Except it works.


I will be honest.  I have been to Bourbon House four times since it has opened, and each time I have gone not wanting to like the place.  But I do.  And I like it a lot.  The food is consistently good, tasty, and southern!!  No pasta fagioli here.


It has a relatively large menu offering southern mac‘n cheese, fried green tomatoes, greens and jumbalaya…you get the picture.  The last time I visited here I had the southern fried catfish.  Wow. This trip we had the smoked ribs and chicken barbeque.  Wow again.  One local restaurant has spoiled me on ribs…none can compare.  But take it away, Bourbon House barbeque shoots close to the top of the list. Dinners are served with corn bread.  My wife is a corn bread expert and she said these are great. They offer several desserts, but the southern twist is a beignet.  Very tasty and satisfying.



The first few times we have been there the service was impeccable.  Not so much the last time, but every restaurant has its day. The waitress was great, but harried.  I suspect someone called in sick and she was covering.


Bourbon House 45 has an attractive bar, with an emphasis on…you got it…bourbon!!!  It has a build your own Old Fashioned option.  I am a bourbon lover from way back so this is spirits heaven for me. It also offers weekend entertainment in another large back room for those younger than me.  I guess Lawrence Welk just doesn’t cut it.


I have concluded that I will keep going back to Bourbon House 45…each time wanting not to like it…and each time leaving smiling and satisfied.  I am glad they are here!!!  BTW…they take reservations. Always a plus!!!


Bourbon House 45 

775 Mahoning Avenue

Warren, OH 44483