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Living Large in Northeast Ohio


7100 Lockwood Blvd. # 392

Youngstown, OH 44512

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March 5, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised. Pass under the “golden” door and you are transported into a wonderful and attractive space. The Adi family spent some money here and it shows. Relaxing and laid back with warm and rich earth tones accented by neon colors and lights, the centerpiece of the room is a two sided fireplace with both table and booth seating available.  For those who don’t want to walk through the convenience store, the main bar entrance is located in the back of the building.   Parking is also available in the back.


Its full service bar is primo.  The staff is young and friendly.  The food is prepared on site and is Mid-eastern…very good and pocketbook friendly.  The back has outdoor seating but useable in the winter with flaps and heaters. This has got to be spectacular in the summer!!


But this is not a restaurant review.  It is an experience review.  What a great Youngstown combination!!  The Jazz in the Park All-Stars do an outstanding job offering not overly heavy jazz playing songs most folks know with a jazz twist. Stay there long enough and other musicians will walk in and jam with these talented guys. Great easy listening as you drink your beer or wine while munching on humus and/or stuffed grape leaves.  


I love downtown Youngstown and have enjoyed watching its resurgence.  Mr. Adi and his daughter Lina have big plans for his store and Hookah Bar.  Entertainment is offered most weekend nights with a variety of bands as well as Mid-eastern style entertainment. CALL IN ADVANCE TO SEE WHO IS PLAYING ON WHAT NIGHT INCLUDING THE JAZZ ALL-STARS. It is opened late on weekends for those looking for something to eat when everything else is closed.  Call to see what is going on each weekend.  You can also visit them on Facebook where they post a calendar.  If I was to make one suggestion, they need a website.  Facebook pages tend to be awkward and difficult to find information.  


Thanks to Al Adi and family and the Jazz in the Park All-Stars for making Sunday night jazz a happening thing in downtown Youngstown.


Circle Bar

116 West Federal Street

Youngstown, OH  44503

1 330-747-3088


Mark Mangie


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January is not the most exciting month in the year. Christmas and New Year’s is over.  The decorations are put away.  It is dark and cold outside. The Super Bowl is still a few weeks away. Anyone with any money and common sense has more likely than not gone to Florida.  What is one to do?


Jeff Green is a close friend of mine.  In addition to installing sound systems…his claim to well-deserved fame is as the lead in The Sensations, one of Youngstown’s top performance bands.  With a great voice and his “saxy” saxophone, Jeff and his band are about as good it gets.


But Jeff is more than contemporary/classic rock. He is one the area’s biggest advocates for jazz. Every year he carries forward the tradition started by his late brother Michael S. Green and his wife Karen Clark Green years ago.  Jazz in the Park Youngstown is a summer icon in the area.  On successive summer Sundays Jazz in the Park provides outdoor jazz concerts in a safe, family friendly environment.  Venues float around, but over the past several years it has landed at the B&O Station downtown.  He has brought in some of the top talent in the state and the nation to perform for an appreciative audience along with his own group, the Jazz in the Park All-Stars.  And the best part is it is all for free.


Of course that doesn’t help those who need a jazz fix in the middle of winter.  So Jeff has teamed up with Al Adi, owner of the Circle Convenience and Deli located in downtown Youngstown to offer Sunday Evening Jazz.


Okay….I know where the Circle is downtown.  It is a great convenience store and sorely needed downtown as more people move to live in the city. I asked Jeff where he plays. “In the back!” he responded. “Back of what?” I asked. “Back of the store. Back of the store.”  


So on a very cold and snowy Sunday night, I talked my reluctant wife into accompanying me downtown to look for Youngstown jazz.  We parked on Federal Street and walked through the snow and ice into the Circle.  I looked to back of the store.  All I could see were the store coolers with a door next to them over which hung a sign that said Bar.  We charged forward expecting the worst.  What did I get myself into?




Youngstown Jazz Behind the Deli Door