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March 5, 2016

We talk about our various projects and offer helpful tips to each other such as who to hire to get a household repair done at a reasonable price or where to eat when going on vacation.   There is some discussion as to whatever ails us, but mostly that talk is minimal except if a new procedure makes sense for us to know about and where to go to get it if needed.


We also solve the problems of the world.  These guys tend to be a conservative bunch expressing common sense observations based on life experiences that are apparently disappearing from our nation's value system at a rapid pace.    There is a certain comfort level being with folks who have the same world view as yourself.


I have to admit...I look forward to these breakfasts.  We get to the restaurant at 8:30 and are out by 9:30. All of us still have a lot stuff we have to do.  Be it kids or grandkids or our wives, they still keep us busy and concerned.  Yard work, travel, sports, or in my case politics...our activities run the gambit no matter what age we happen to be.


So next time I see a bunch of guys sitting around the food court or coffee court at the mall talking and having a good time, I will be less critical and maybe a little envious.  Guys talking with guys is a good thing whether it was at Andy Kapp's Bar at Ohio State in 1971, or the Hub in downtown Youngstown in 1985, or Bob Evan's in Boardman 2016.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Mark G. Mangie  






I'll be honest.  Turning 66 last month was a sobering experience. I have had several "difficult" birthdays over the years, and not necessarily traditional age landmarks.  I handled 50 just fine.  49 was another matter.  I handled 60 okay. 66 is a bit much.


I joke about senior night at the Perkins.  We go every Tuesday. Over the past several years I have attended numerous events at the Youngstown Symphony. They are wonderful events…but the crowd was older which made me feel…well…uncomfortable.  The State of Ohio has pushed legislation requiring financial advisors to report suspected "elder" abuse for clients, financial or otherwise, over the age of 60.  Sixty...really?  I used to make fun of mall walkers when I went to the mall.  Now I go there to walk and realize I AM one of them. How did this happen?


Which leads me to the mall walker corollary: The Old Men's Breakfast.  You know...walk at the mall and then head to the Yankee Kitchen for a tasty breakfast at senior reasonable prices.   Over the past few months I started attending one of those breakfasts.  It's not actually an old men's breakfast.  I belong to an organization that has a men's breakfast the third Saturday of every month.  In fairness to these great guys, not all of them are old.  That is a relative term.  There are several in their late 40's and 50's.  But there are plenty who are my age and older. As I sat there last Saturday I said to myself...self...you are officially one of them!!!!


And you know what?  I am glad to be there.  Men's breakfasts are unique. Things always look better in the morning so folks are in a fairly good mood.  My friends are relatively low key.  We catch up on our jobs or families or church.


The Old Men's Breakfast