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Living Large in Northeast Ohio


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March 5, 2016

In addition to having outstanding facilities, the Mahoning Valley has access….and parking.   The general area is easy to get to.  Once here the facilities are easy to find.  And once one finds them, it easy and cheap to park.  Those who go to Pittsburgh to see events know how important that is.


The Greater Youngstown area has missed the boat in promoting itself as an entertainment destination.  It takes leadership and vision to make something like that happen.  Promoters need to be convinced it is more economical to set up a two month run of Book of Mormon here than 3-week road show stints in Cleveland and Pittsburgh which miss the Akron area altogether.


This area also has some of the best public golf courses in the country and private courses that are known nationwide. Golf Magazine has done stories on local golf courses which already draw people from Cleveland and especially Pittsburgh where golf fees are expensive.  Golf and entertainment…a phenomenal mix that could make this area one of the prime recreational centers of the country.  


All we have to do is quit cutting each other off at the knees and work our collective parochial butts off to make this happen. It can be done.  There are funds available to do it.  It is up to us.  


Mark G. Mangie






Anyone in the real estate business knows the three most important things are location, location, location. For years I have been advocating viewing Youngstown as a potential national center for entertainment.  Define our region as Cleveland, Akron, and Pittsburgh.  Elton John and ZZ Top both performing here on the same date is what this area could look like in five years with a lot more vision and a little less ego. And it is not just March 22.  The Youngstown Eats Events Calendar shows an outstanding lineup of national entertainment figures visiting our area over the next several months…including Jay Leno.


Draw a 70-mile radius around downtown Youngstown and you will find that it is the center of a population exceeding 3 million people. For those of us who live here and believe driving more than ten minutes for a pizza is an imposition, that statistic gets a big “so what?”  But for folks who live in places like Los Angeles or New York City or Chicago…that is a daily commute.


The Mahoning Valley has an excess of facilities for its population.  DeYor, Stambaugh, and Covelli are equal to or better than comparable facilities anywhere in the United States.  Add in Packard Music Hall…there are three auditoriums within 15 miles of each other that can seat in excess of 2300 people… plus Covelli in the 5,000 to 7,000 range depending on the event.





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