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March 5, 2016

Which paved the way for Saturday which was the day of my wife’s club’s garage sale in my garage. Lots of women, very nice, but women nonetheless. (No hate mail please). One of them brought donuts.  They cut them in two.  I view donuts cut in half as having a ½ life.  If you eat a ½ donut in successive ½ hours, the caloric input of donuts is cut by ½ each ½ hour.  By the end of the second hour, they have no calories at all.


That worked out just great because I had to bring home a pizza for the ladies’ lunch.  Bruno’s Pizza is just around the corner from where I live so I got a 24 incher…cut into party squares…for six ladies and me.  So let’s see.  That is one square per lady which was about a quarter of the pizza.  Do any of you have any idea how big a 24-inch pizza is? And no…it doesn’t depend on what the definition of “is” is.  So I had some pizza along with another ½ donut for dessert.  Why not?   That’s way into the 3rd hour of the half-life. No more calories!!!


After the ladies left my wife, who was working very hard with next to nothing to eat, said she was hungry and wanted to go someplace for dinner where she didn’t have to change clothes.  We recently re-discovered Quaker Steak and Lube in Austintown.  Yes…there is a story behind that which I will explain in my restaurant review coming this week.  If I am going to write a review I have to eat something.  Steak sounded good…and baked beans.  I have a difficult time with fizzy drinks so I had to have some White Moscata Sangria to wash it down.  And the steak was kind of big so it took lots of White Moscata Sangria to make sure it was washed down.  If I am going to review, I also have to have some wings…just to review…with lots of blue cheese dressing.  More Moscata Sangria please??


When we got home…there were still some donuts left.  Given the half-life rule I figured by the end of the day those ½ donuts would have a negative caloric count and would help take some of the calories away from all of that Sangria.  So I had a half, and another half, and another half….


So now it is Sunday. Can anyone tell me why I feel so bloated today?  Must have been the green beans and squash!!! Oh well! In the words of Scarlett O’Hara; tomorrow is another day.  






Mark G. Mangie













This has been a pig-out weekend. Over the past several months I have dropped some weight by giving up booze and processed foods.  But as the saying goes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. This weekend it was really, really, really weak!!!  A week ago this past Friday was National Donut Day. One of the great women that works in my office often brings in donuts on Friday…but not on the most important day of the year!!!  I gave her a hard time…and this past Friday she brought in donuts.  I was feeling so guilty I had to have one…two…no one...alright two, filled with apple filling.  


I then had a business meeting outside of Pittsburgh. My associate and I drove to the Cranberry Eat ‘N Park to meet one of our clients. Eat N Park has this breakfast buffet…and the rest is history.  At 10:45 AM the manager came around with a “last call” warning for the buffet.  I think the last call plate of food could have lasted most normal people for a week.  God bless the Eat N Park breakfast buffet.


Given that it was Friday…that means I have lunch with my Friday lunch group.  We just made it back to Youngstown in time for lunch.  So my associate came with me to meet my usual Friday lunch group at Longhorn Steakhouse at 12:15…even though we just finished the “last call” plate of food at the Eat N Park in Cranberry just about 50 minutes earlier.  He had soup.  I had the Napa chicken…something new on their menu…which was very good. Going back again for the Napa Chicken!!


Back at the office at 1:45…there were still a few donuts left.  Of course I needed dessert.  By 2:00 there were 1 ½ less donuts remaining.  That’s when I got the call from my wife saying were meeting several of our friends for dinner at “the club” 6:00.   I was dog-tired as the sugar buzz kicked in, so I had to get my sugar levels up at 4:00 by eating a brownie or two that my wife had made the day before, and to kill my appetite so I wouldn’t eat so much at dinner.


That suppressed appetite thing went away by the time I was on my second glass of wine at 6:15 with a basket of salt stick rolls sitting in front of me.  Then there was the Manhattan clam chowder.  Along with the chowder came a basket of those little bread sticks wrapped in cellophane.  The sesame ones are great, but mostly they are a vehicle for the delivery of butter into which I liberally dip the crunchy bread sticks…you know…to make the soup go down easier.


Next was baked stuffed white fish…stuffed being the operative word.   It came with green beans and squash.  I had at least three green beans just be healthy.  I don’t think squash is healthy…is it?  So I didn’t eat it just to be on the safe side.  


The dinner ended with some Chambord on the rocks…and some more Chambord on the rocks…and some more Chambord on the rocks. (Don’t know what it is?  Look it up.  Lovely!!)













My Pig-out Weekend / Or How I Fell Off the Wagon